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Long distance relationships can be tough. Whether your separation is temporary or extended, there’s nothing like the feeling of missing the one you love. Here are 40 comforting “I Miss You” Quotes to get you by.Missing someone that you care about can make you feel all sorts of things. It can make you feel lonely and sad. But it might also make you feel warm inside and you might feel lucky to have someone special that you miss in your life.Beautifull Love I Miss You GIFs With QuotesI Miss You GIFs Image For Him With Quotes


I Miss You GIFs

  1. You realize how much you truly miss someone when something happens, good or bad, and the only person you want to tell is the one person who isn’t there.
  2. The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.—Anonymous
  3. Missing you comes in waves. Tonight, I’m drowning.I Miss You GIFs
  4. Each night, I put my head to my pillow. I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without you.


i miss you gifs

  1. I can’t sleep; everything I ever knew is a lie without you. I can’t breathe when my heart is broke in two, there’s no beat without you. You are not gone, but you are not here. At least that’s the way it seems. Missing you isn’t the hardest part. Knowing that I once had you is.
  2. I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.–Anonymous
  3. A thousand words couldn’t bring you back… I know this because I tried, neither could a thousand tears… I know this because I cried, you left behind a broken heart and happy memories too… but I never wanted memories.. I only wanted you


Latest I Miss You GIFs

After all the time that has passed, I still find myself missing you every minute of each hour, each hour in a day, every single day of each week, every week of the month, and every month of the year.

here is not a single moment in any day that I do not find myself missing you.

I close my eyes and see you there. But when I open them and see nothing there, I realize how much I miss you.

I miss you so much that I am jealous of the people that get the chance to see you every day.

I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each and every day.

I know that I love you because of how much I miss you.

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I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you.

. I miss your voice. I miss your touch. I miss your face. I miss you.

. I thought that I could handle being apart from you, but I miss you too much.

. Missing you is something that comes in waves. And tonight I am just drowning.

Best I Miss You GIFs

I will not lie. The truth is that I really miss you.

. Nothing makes a room emptier than wishing that you were in it.

. There is an empty place in my heart where you used to be.

. If I had a flower for every time I think about you and how much I miss you, then I would be walking forever in an endless garden.

. I can’t believe that I still miss you after everything that we went through.

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The pain of being without you is too much to bear sometimes.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss you.

. I can’t pretend that I don’t miss you because I see you in everything that I do.

. I can’t help that I miss you and the person that I was when I was with you.

. I know that I love you because I miss you even when you’re just in the next room.

 I’m not sure what is worse: missing you, or pretending that I don’t.

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