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When you are in love with someone, then the person becomes the special one in your life whose priority always prevails. But when a relationship breaks down or your soulmate leaves you and keeps a distance from you, at that instant, every moment becomes so much painful, life seems a burden. Maybe sometimes you miss your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend a lot, or maybe sometimes you want your ex back in your life. Soon after, a heartfelt missing you message, tweet, or text to your ex may create an opportunity to realize him/her about your true feelings.Latest I Miss You GIF Image With Quotes


I Miss You GIF.

It’s my heart which still beat only for you. Which still expect the presence of you beside me. It’s the heart who still misses you a lot! I can never forget you.

i miss you GIF

I miss you. I miss you a lot. The mind becomes so impatient. I need your touch again. I want to feel you again. I want to hug you again. I need you. Still, I love you a lot. Please come to me.


Beautifull I Miss You GIF.

I am missing our time together. I miss walking in the rain with you. I miss the hands which always hold me tightly. I miss your love. I miss the days. please come back, my love.

beautifull i miss you gif

Now the life seems a burden to me. I am so tired of my life. I am the problem, and the solution to the problem is “You”. So, I need you to get the pace of life. I still love you and miss you so much.


Cute I Miss You GIF.

After you have left me, my world has stopped. All the moments I feel you, all the moment I miss your care. My heart is still living in the past; My memories are still with you. I still love you. Please come back.

cute i miss you gif

I tried but cannot reach you. I feel lonely all alone. Please become the sleep in my eyes, on my this night, my night of sorrow. I badly need you. I miss you a lot.


Best I Miss You GIF.

I miss your voice. I miss your anger; I miss your deep love, I miss your smile, I miss your sweet songs, I miss your care, I miss your domination. I miss you, crazily. Please come back.

best i miss you gif

I couldn’t sleep for a thousand night. Every night I waited for your night wish text. But alas! There was not a single text from you. I need a sound sleep, and for this, I badly need your “night wish text”.


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