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Is saying ‘good night’ a part of your bedtime routine? At the end of a long productive day, don’t you just look forward to decompress, relax, and enjoy night? And this phrase has accompanied our bedtime routine like a pillow-and-bed pairing.

Once it’s time to go to bed, we head off for some much-needed sleep and wish one another good night or sweet dreams. Have you ever wondered why we say good night to one another? Is it just a pleasantry that has lasted the test of time or is there another deeper meaning?



People have been saying good night (and good morning) for as far back in history as we can remember. Whether it began by accident or was created specifically as an evening greeting is difficult to pinpoint.

No one can truly trace the exact origin of the expression and most people accept that it was created as a way of saying goodbye for the day and wishing someone a pleasant night of sleep.

However, there are some interesting stories that say that during medieval times when health was more precarious, people would often die in their sleep. Because of this, the good night expression rose as a way of being able to say goodbye properly to loved ones in case of untimely death in the night.


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There are also stories of the phrase “good night” as far back as Greek mythology. But these are just stories. There are many that exist in many different cultures. There is no one universally accepted beginning though.

At the end of the day, most believe that people have been wishing each other a pleasant evening or sleep well or good night from the moment they realized how Important Sleep was to a person.


While good night is still the most popular before bed phrase, there are several others that people use as well. Some of these derivatives have interesting myths and back-stories.

One of the most popular phrases is “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” This expression was originally associated with a popular myth that the words “sleep tight” referred to old beds in which mattresses were held up by ropes.

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