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Do you have a lady in your life whose face pops up on your mind right after waking up? If the answer is yes, then you are a lucky man. The woman who makes you feel this way should obviously be treated extra special. And what’s a better way to make her day than writing some heartfelt good morning paragraphs for her? Here we have written some long good morning messages for her you can take ideas from. So do give it a read and choose from a variety of genres such as heartfelt, romantic, flirty, or emotional!Cute Sweetheart Good Morning GIF Good Morning ImageBest Love Good Morning GIF With Quotes


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Thinking of you is the first thing I do in the morning, and it makes my heart fill with gratefulness, you know? I still can’t figure out how I’ve got a hold of an angel like you. You rock my world, baby. I wish you a good morning and a lovely day

sweet good morning gifs

My love for you often drives me crazy. I think of you right after waking up. I think of you during each of my activities. I even think of you when I go to bed at night. I can’t stop thinking about you! I love you and wish you a good morningi love you gifs


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I may be miles away from you, but your memories are safely preserved in my heart. So now I’m reminiscing our days and waiting for such days to come again. I hope you have a wonderful morning, sweetheart. The morning breeze will carry my love towards you.

sunshine good morning gifs

If I could get you the entire world, even that would be less compared to what you deserve. You are the most wonderful human being, baby. And I wish for every happiness to find its path to you. Good morning. Have a day as beautiful as you!


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When you open your eyes in the morning, I want to remind you of how much you mean to me. You are my very own piece of heaven. I forget every worldly trouble when I’m with you, and I want to give you the same happiness that you give me. Rise and shine, my queen!

beautifull good morning gifs

Earlier you used to haunt me in real life. Now you haunt my dreams too, my hot little devil! I know how much you love to sleep, but wake up already. Because my day doesn’t start until I hear your lovely voice. Have a good morning and enjoy the day, princess!



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