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Chinese new year is a great time for family reunions, renewed romance, and new beginnings. At this time, you should wish your family, friend, colleague, staff, etc a great start of the year and Happy holidays. Here are some happy Chinese new year wishes, messages, images, greetings, and quotes to wish your near and dear ones.Animation Lunar Chinese New Year GIF Image With Happiness Quotes Happy Lunar New Year 2022 GIF Image With Wishes Quotes


Lunar Chinese New Year Animation 

  • May you always be surrounded by sunshine in this New Year.
  • May you be flooded with gifts and prosperity in this New Year.
  • May each moment of the New Year steer you towards a new and better direction to mold your life with all that is good.
  • May this New Year be full of faith, hope and love and even among them may love to surpass these filling up your cup of life to the brim.

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Here is wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in this New Year.
Here is wishing you happiness in this New Year.
May this New Year for you be made up of all that is best and beautiful.

  • This New Year realizes the fact that Lady Luck blesses only those who are cheerful and optimistic.
  • This New Year, do not live in the past for it may make you depressed; do not live for the future for it shall only make you anxious. Live only in the present for that alone will bring you peace.
  • This Lunar New Year may your life hold for you as much variety as the various phases of the moon.
  • This New Year may you find peace from within and may you be capable to spread such contentment around you.

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Just as you usher in lights, lanterns and other forms of illuminations to welcome the New Year, may the New Year usher in for you new hopes, dreams and aspirations.
One year goes by taking with it a set of hopes and aspirations. Another year comes in with bundles of new opportunities to relive your dreams and realize your goals.

May everything beautiful and good be condensed into this card. I sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness, and success.
As the new sun rises in a brand New Year may it bring you good luck, prosperity, joy, and contentment.

When the mid-night bell rings tonight, Let it signify new and better things for you, Let it signify a realization of all things you wish for, Let it signify a year of courage and wisdom, Wishing you a very very very prosperous year.

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On the occasion of Chinese New Year, I wish that you walk the new roads and create history with your efforts…. Happy Chinese New Year to my company. Success comes to those who never give up on it and on the auspicious occasion of Chinese New Year, I wish you all the strength to keep moving on. Life is all about never giving up….. May your high spirits never let you surrender to circumstances…. Best wishes on Chinese New Year. Celebrate the Chinese New Year by taking up new challenges, by moving out of your comfort zone, by achieving all your goals…. Warm wishes to my company!!!Wishing you joy, gladness and achievement on this starting of a lunar year. May the light of the moon illuminate your paths and guide you always! May the joy and happiness surround you today and always. Have a safe and fun Chinese New Year. May Lord bless youGong Xi Fa Chai! Wishing You a Prosperous Chinese New Year 2022.Celebrate and rejoice for making into another year. May the coming New Year bring you joy, love, and peace. Happy Chinese New Year of the OX 2022.

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  • Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in the year ahead.”
  • “May this new year bring you good health and good fortune.”
  • “Happy New Year! You make our family so proud, and we wish you nothing but continued success and happiness.”
  • “Hope this new year brings you good fortune, peace and prosperity.”
  • “Thinking of you and your family and wishing you all a year that outshines the rest.”
  • “It’s that time of year for feasting, celebrating and looking forward to a happy and prosperous year ahead. Enjoy every moment!”
  • “Health, wealth and endless joy is what I wish for you and your family this year.”

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